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Springboard helped Alicia make gains in her literacy and her self-confidence. 

Alicia came to Springboard at the end of her first year at primary school. She was referred to us by the school after being identified as significantly behind her peers and eligible for Free School Meals.

When Alicia first joined the school she was a happy, high achieving little girl. After her parent’s relationship broke down, her teachers noticed that Alicia started to withdraw into herself and was less participative in class. Alicia’s mother had found a new partner and the attention she lost as a result had really affected her self-confidence. When it came to the end-of-year phonics assessments for her class, Alicia’s teachers were very surprised to see her fail.

At the age of 6 years and 10 months old Alicia arrived at Springboard with a reading age of 4 years and 8 months. This gap in her abilities highlighted Alicia as being at major risk of being unable to access the curriculum and of facing an academic life of struggle.  

Working with our tutors, Alicia really enjoyed her reading. She worked very conscienciously to improve her skills and our tutors noticed how much Alicia relished the chance to receive one-to-one attention. During her time with us Alicia made significant gains, not only in her knowledge but in her sense of confidence.

Alicia was very quickly applying her new found skills within the classroom and it took her just 6 months to graduate from our Expert Tuition programme:


Alicia's age at referral: 6 years and 10 months

- Grapheme knowedge     38 (Out of 44)

- Phoneme knowledge      31 (Out of 44)

- Reading age                   4 years and 8 months

- Comprehension age        6 years and 10 months


 Alicia's age at graduation: 7 years and 4 months

- Grapheme knowledge     44 (Out of 44)

- Phoneme knowledge       44 (Out of 44)

- Reading age                    7 years and 11 months

- Comprehension age         7 years and 3 months


Alicia was able to make huge improvements to both her levels of confidence and to her literacy development thanks to the 6 month intervention from Springboard tutors.

Teachers have noticed that Alicia still seems rather sad at the school. Her mother has since moved house and had a new baby, which means growing up with a total of four siblings and a more difficult journey to school.

Alicia's attendance at school is becoming a problem although she often says ‘I wanted to come, but my Mum couldn’t bring me’.

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