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Our Team

The Springboard Team is made up of volunteers and paid staff. Most of our volunteers support our programme of one-to-one tuition in schools. Others work with the central support functions in the areas of fundraising and administration.

Each school literacy centre has a specialist Centre Manager who is a member of the Springboard staff team supported by a Literacy Intervention Tutor.  Our schools are supported by a central staff team based in our London office. 

Halima Begum

Carolyn Clarke
Acting CEO

Luke Dooley
School Programme Coordinator (Expert)

Linda Jones 

Janet Law
Head of Programme Funding

Naeman Symonds-Baig
Corporate Partnership Manager

Carol Thomson
Finance Manager

Adam Wisden
School Programme Coordinator (Essential)

 I want to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Kathryn Crease and I am the newest member of the Springboard family. I joined the team in April as the Supporter Development Manager and I am excited to work for such an important cause. Over the years Springboard has nurtured a strong culture of giving through its volunteer programme and fundraising activities. This has enabled us to change the lives of thousands of children and young people. My goal is to help Springboard build even stronger relationships with supporters and to contribute to the charity's exciting development to meet the needs of even more children who experience little advantage in their lives.

Kathryn Crease, Supporter Development Manager
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