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Why do children need Springboard?

Springboard for Children exists because every year 1 in 5 children leave primary school without reaching the expected levels of literacy.1 

This means that approximately 1.62 million children in English schools can’t access the school curriculum because they aren’t reading well enough.

While the evidence shows that things are improving, some children with the poorest skills still aren’t making the progress they should.2 We believe that every child can achieve their potential and none should be left behind in the education system.

Children and young people with poor literacy are more likely to truant at secondary school and be unable to gain employment when they leave. 48% of people in prison have poor literacy skills compared to only 23% of the general population.3 Illiteracy costs our society £2.5 billion a year.4 There are certain areas of England where children are more at risk than others. This is where we focus our work.

See the difference we made to children's lives in our Impact Report 15/16

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