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How We Work

Springboard only works one-to-one with children and young people and we always work in partnership with schools. 

Children in primary and secondary Expert centres are taught by skilled adults twice a week away from their main classroom, using a multi-sensory structured phonics-based programme. Tutors use the programme to identify and fill gaps in each child’s learning and also make sure they are understanding language in context through reading and writing.

Other children and young people may have some of the basic skills they need but lack confidence or need help to reinforce their learning. Our volunteer and peer-to-peer support programmes make the difference.

Volunteers delivering our ‘Essential’ programme work one-to-one with primary school children, reinforcing the teaching they receive in the classroom. These volunteers use lots of different resources to reinforce topics like phonics, spelling, reading and comprehension.

In secondary school, Springboard provides the training and resources that enable young people to support each other. Our ‘Reader Leader’ programme encourages older ‘Leaders’ to support younger ‘Readers’. 

Springboard is different because:

  • We only work one-to-one with children and young people so we can build on their individual strengths.
  • We work in partnership with schools and make sure our work supports and links with what children are learning in school.
  • We don’t believe one intervention works for all children all the time so we are flexible and make sure the content of teaching reflects what individual children need.
  • We want to work in schools and communities experiencing the greatest challenges.
  • We make sure we have a range of skills so we can work with children and young people whatever their individual challenges and educational needs.

Springboard believes in the power of individuals to make a difference, so our comprehensive training and development programme for staff and volunteers ensures we are focused on achieving the best results possible.

We also provide training for school staff, consultancy and workshops for parents which can take place anywhere in the country. We pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs of communities, whether they are schools, parents or corporate clients.

Please contact us if you would like to talk to someone about training or information sessions in your school, community or work place.